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18 Nov 2009

Tampil Elegance dengan kebaya modern 5

“Long Lasting Kebaya” – that is most suitable statement to describe traditional shirt uniqueness and beauty. Although todays market flooded with various kinds of latest fashion, however kebaya still become choices and make the wearer to be attractive.

Kebaya wearer not only seems pretty and graceful matched to Malay and oriental custom, in fact baju kebaya is suitable to be styled. Kebaya is not limited only to one type of invention, but now there are various style of Kebaya depend on taste of wearer from different category i.e. from children, youth, girl, woman or aged.

Silk kebaya may become a choice. However, sometimes fashionable in special day with purple kebaya flower can make the graceful appearance. Appearance embellished with long seldom shawl in same colour that embroidered with gold thread. Fine beads sewn in yellow coloured design, add more the beauty lovely.

Combination between soft orange color kebaya and pink kebaya from chiffon cloth will give enough bright by adapting with orange shawl embroidered.

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